Episode 8

Gardening 101: The benefits and how to get started

Backyard, front yard, or even alleyway gardening is a great way to connect to nature, your community, and help feed your family.

In this episode, Bri chats with Patty Milligan from The Edmonton Urban Farm to discover the environmental benefits of gardening and the different ways to get started!

Learn more about the Edmonton Urban Farm: https://exploreedmonton.com/industry/edmonton-urban-farm

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What On EARTH Can We Do?
Host Bri Huot chats with Alberta's environmental leaders on how we can combat climate change as individuals.

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The Alberta Emerald Foundation is our province's environmental good-news storyteller, a nonprofit that showcases and inspires environmental achievements. We connect environmental leaders and provide a voice to share their positive examples to inspire others. What began as the Emerald Awards in 1992, our flagship program, has evolved into a 12-month conversation.